Studie: Internet Based Social Lending

Prof. Michael Hulme und Collette Wright: Internet Based Social Lending: Past, Present and Future, Social Futures Observatory, London, Oktober 2006.

Auszug aus dem Summary: “Our findings suggest that Social Lending schemes are in the process of constructing new ways of using and interacting with financial services. Importantly, we contend that the re-emergence of Social Lending as a significant development within the financial sector is a direct response to social trends and a demand for new forms of relationship. Because Social Lending schemes embrace the social trends that are definitional of our age they are likely to become increasingly important in the future. Such newly emerging types of financial relationships may seriously rival more traditional mainstream financial services and prompt a need to re-examine the model of traditional banking. In essence this paper argues that notions of the individual within community, transparency and broader ethicality are fundamental to Social Lending schemes. Where these are present all the “actors” in the relationship are able to act in “good faith”, where not, as is generally perceived to be the case by respondents in this research to more traditional financial services, a merely transactional relationship is developed that a significant number of people will ultimately find unsatisfying.”

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